Skihelm Slokker Raider Free lady – goud wit – meekleurend & polariserend vizier (☁/☀/❄) |

With the Slokker Raider Free Lady in gold white, ladies can go trendy on the slopes. This ladies ski helmet from the Italian Slokker has a photochromic & polarized visor. The visor gives a nice wide panoramic view and automatically colors up to 30%, so you’re ready for any weather! With the polarizing lens you have more contrast, making the bumps on the slopes more clearly visible. The visor does not fog up through the ventilation behind the visor and is certainly ideal for spectacle wearers, as they simply keep the glasses on.

This ski helmet has adjustable ventilation, a wonderfully soft lining and the earpieces can be removed in warm weather. The size of this gulper ski helmet is adjustable with a dial for a great fit. The matching orange visor (cat. 2) is 100% UV resistant, optimal during poor visibility days and colors in sunny weather.

This Slokker Raider Free Ladygold white is made in Europe.
productnummer: 1920 076 93

Prijs: 299.00 (klik hier voor meer informatie